Monday, September 28, 2009

No Bones About It

Well, my typist is having trouble getting started here. I have a story to tell and she is telling me she cannot find the way to post pictures. Pictures are a BIG part of my story. You need to see it to believe it - and believe me, I am something to see :-)

OK. She's on it now. As you can see from my darling picture - I was a really cute puppy at 5 weeks.

The breeder chose me for my master because I preferred to be with people over my brothers and sisters. Believe me, my siblings were CRAZY! You would have chosen Wendy too.

I didn't exactly understand what was going on when my sweet Wendy from Wisconsin put me in a crate and drove me in her SUV to the airport. They put me in the cargo area. People were sweet to me - but I was a little scared.

Finally the airplane landed and they put me in a truck and drove me to this cargo place where a guy, my new master, wanted to hug and kiss me. Hey! After that long trip - hugging and kissing was just what I needed.

In fact, I just wanted to sleep on his lap most of the way home.

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